Media Reports


During this year's International CyberFair, member schools won a total of 5 Platinum, 9 Gold and 18 Silver Awards and 1 Honorable Mention. The Sichuan Channel of Xinhua Net reported: Qingchuan Vocational High School won the Platinum Award from the  CyberFair 2017.


Qinghai TV Station reported stories from member schools of the Town & Talent Project.


New West China Magazine - Into Huangyangchuan


An asteroid was named Wensayling (Mr. Sayling Wen). Lulin Observatory of the National Central University, Taiwan, discovered an asteroid (numbered 145545), which was reviewed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and officially named Wensayling to commemorate his compassion, universal love and worldwide contribution.


Renowned magazine, The Atlantic, published in the US reported the Town & Talent Project.


December 22: Reporters, Luo Bin-He, from Guang Ming Daily and Liu Wen-Yan from Huaxia Radio (CNR) visited Huang Yang Chuan Occupational High School  for production of a report on the Town & Talent Project.


End of June: Shanghai Television visited Huang Yang Chuan to shoot a documentary film on Mr. Sayling Wen and the Town & Talent Project.


May 14 to 15: Reporters, Huang Ling-Hsiang and Li Hui-Jen from ETTV Taiwan, visited Dacai Junior High School in Huang Zhong County, Qinghai Province for production of a feature story.


CCTV4 aired a  news article, entitled Wang Dao-Han and the Town & Talent Project.


Los Angeles Times publishes front-page article on the Town and Talent project entitled Chinese Town Loses Hyperlink to Future.


Phoenix Television airs Amidst Mountains & Valleys: Sayling Wen’s Arduous Journey to the West

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Minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of PRC participated in the commemoration event for Mr. Sayling Wen in person.


Ningxia Television and Ningxia Education Television jointly reported on the IT infrastructure development at Chang Yi High School.


TV show, True Spirit, produced by Baohua Media Taiwan, reported the stories of Mr.Sayling Wen. .


CCTV-4 aired the documentary of Huang Yang Chuan: "Continuation of Sayling Wen’s Cyber Dream".


May 17 to 24: Ningxia Daily, Ningxia Television and Ningxia Cable TV jointly reported on the Town & Talent Project at Ningan High School, Zhongning County, Ningxia Province and surveyed the operations of the One Touch classroom and eCommerce Center. All participants were amazed at the results achieved by the school.


At the 3rd China Charity Festival and Due-to-Love Ceremony, West China Story Project was conferred The Best Charity Project Award


Reporter from Phoenix Television visited  member schools in Ningxia.


Phoenix Television Hong Kong visited Huang Yang Chuan Vocational High School.


November 10: The production team of Liaoning Television's "The Internet" program arrived at Huang Yang Chuan High School at Gansu and reported stories on the Town & Talent Project and how the Project helped the local communities to develop the local economy through online education and the Internet.


October 13: Reporters from Tianjin Television visited Huang Yang Chuan High School, at Gulang County, Gansu Province for production of a feature story.


June 14: CCTV-10 aired the story on the "Scientific Investigation" program produced at Huang Yang Chuan High School. The story portrayed how the school led the communities to develop eCommerce at Huang Yang Chuan under the Town & Talent Project in the past two years.


CCTV-10 reporting team visited Huang Yang Chuan.